Vol.3 No.2

Published on 12.08.2014


Article 50 > Antohe ValerianAntohe Carmen – ROMANIA

               “GeoGebra the rainbow over past, present and future”

Article 51 > Francisco Regis Vieira Alves – BRAZIL

                “Infinite products and infinite sums: visualizing with the dynamic system Geogebra”

Article 52 > Antohe ValerianSoare Ionica – ROMANIA

                 “The geographic space covered with GeoGebra geometry”

Article 53 >  José N. Contreras – USA

                   “Investigating Variations of Varignon’s Theorem Using GeoGebra”

Article 54 > Diana Csorba & Magdalena Lucica Tâlvan – ROMANIA 

                  “Games Theory and Educational Decisions in the Blended Learning System”

Article 55 >  G. V. AGHEKYAN – ARMENIA

                  “How to Teach Complex Numbers Applying the GeoGebra Software”

Article 56 >  Francisco Regis Vieira Alves – BRAZIL

                  “Visualizing Bezier´s curves: some applications of Dynamic System Geogebra”

Article 57 > Francisco Regis Vieira Alves – BRAZIL

                  “Construction of parameterized curves with the Dynamic System GeoGebra – DSG”

Article 58 > Francisco Regis Vieira Alves – BRAZIL

           “Computational Technique for Teaching Mathematics – CT2M: the quadratic forms´ case”

Article 59 > Le Tuan Anh – VIETNAM

          “Building counter – examples in teaching and learning of high school mathematics  with the aid of Geogebra”