Vol.4 No.1

Art. 60 > Valentin Oros, Gilberto Lacerda Santos, Jorge Cássio Costa Nóbriga PORTUGAL-BRAZIL

GeoGebra in Romanian: the challenges of localising an educational software into a specific socio-cultural context

Article 61 > Francisco Regis Vieira Alves – BRAZIL

Visualizing the behavior of infinite series and complex power series with the GeoGebra

Article 62 > Francisco Regis Vieira Alves – BRAZIL

Drawing curves with the Dynamic System GeoGebra: the Newton’”s method

Article 63 > Le Tuan Anh  – VIETNAM

Developing Vietnamese pre-service high school mathematics teachers’ skills of using Geogebra

Article 64 > Raúl M.Falcón – & – Ricardo Rios  –  SPAIN

The use of GeoGebra in Discrete Mathematics

Article 65 > Le Tuan Anh  – VIETNAM

Geogebra as an aid tool for discovering mathematical solutions in teaching and learning of mathematics in Vietnamese schools

Article 66 > Diana Csorba- Magdalena Lucica Tâlvan-Georgeta Pânișoară – ROMANIA

Logical Games Theory Models  for Cooperative Learning Product Evaluation Approach the Teacher – Reflective Practitioner

Article 67 >  Vilappakkam  Srinivasan – U.S.A.

Constructive Identification Of An Ellipse Using GeoGebra

Article 68 >   Dasari Naga Vijay Krishna – INDIA

Weitzenbock Inequality -2 Proofs in a more geometrical way using the idea of “Lemoine point” and “Fermat point”

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