Vol.5 No.1

This issue it is dedicated to:

GeoGebra Global Gathering 2015, Linz, AUSTRIA

Published on 07.02.2016

EDITORIAL –> Editor in Chief PhD Valerian Antohe –  ROMANIA

Art 80 > Emília de Mendonça Rosa Marques & Aguinaldo Robinson de Souza -BRAZIL

“A complementary approach to study real and imaginary roots of a quadratic function”

Art 81 > Adelodun Olusegun Ayodele & Isaiah Adegoke Akanmu  – NIGERIA

“GeoGebra: The Third Millennium Device for Mathematics Instruction in Nigeria”

Art 82 > Isaiah Adegoke Akanmu – NIGERIA

“GeoGebra: An Effective Package for Mathematics Instruction in Nigeria”

Art 83 > Trinh Thanh Hai &  Tran Trung Tinh – VIETNAM

“Develop high school teachers’ competency assessment in assessing pupils’ learning mathematics in Vietnam”

Art 84 > Isaiah Adegoke Akanmu – NIGERIA

“GeoGebra: The Essential Device for The Third Millennium Mathematics Curriculum in Nigeria”

Art 85 > Ionasc Nela Daniela – ROMANIA

“Application about representing solutions for inequalities systems using GeoGebra”

Art 86  > Ionasc Nela Daniela – ROMANIA

“The graphic representation in linear systems approach”

Art 87 > Isaiah Adegoke Akanmu – NIGERIA

“Integrating Technology into Mathematics Education in Nigeria: The Case of GeoGebra”